Last weekend, W.F. West’s robotics team attended districts in Mount Vernon, WA. The team’s robot, driven by students Niko, Kyle, Dylan, and Jaiteg, performed incredibly. Maneuverability and height were used to give Team SWAG 4060 an advantage over competitors, making it the top defensive robot at the tournament.

Team SWAG made it to quarterfinals! It was a fun competition. The team is currently ranked 55th out of 150 FRC teams in the Pacific Northwest District. SWAG is in the running for district championships, where the top 64 teams from across the Pacific Northwest will compete. The students are excited for their next competition, which is March 27 through 29 in Auburn, WA.

You can follow Team SWAG 4060 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for live updates during each competition, and watch live streams of the matches online! None of this beats being at the tournament, though. From the hard-working drive team to the busy scouts, everyone had a great time. The students are all looking forward to Auburn!


10/08/2015 12:15pm

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10/12/2015 6:42am

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03/18/2016 2:51am

High school education these days is gearing towards advance technology. Various schools have started including Robotics subject in their curriculum. I think It is great that students at a young age are taught Robotics and programming. Letting them attend competition will also help boost their creativity, skills and knowledge in advance Science.

06/10/2016 6:26am

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