January 4 marked the official beginning of Team SWAG 4060's 2014 season! Early on Saturday morning, the entire team drove south to Kickoff at the University of Portland. After this year's exciting new challenge, Aerial Assist, was presented, many members of the team toured the arena. While heading home on the bus, we discussed ideas and reviewed the rules.

Since Kickoff, our team has met for a few hours after school each day. We have prioritized our goals for our robot's performance. SWAG team members have been brainstorming and prototyping ideas to meet these goals. Team members have presented prototypes and ideas in front of the group, which we have modified and built upon. Many interesting and innovative ideas have been proposed.

Team 4060's pit crew has been busy preparing the pit for the season. Adjusting our pit from last year to meet the needs of our new robot has been a priority. We have added to and organized our repertoire of tools, updating it for the 2014 season. This year, our pit will be better than ever!

Scouts have been preparing for this year as well. They have been gathering information on other teams' ideas and strategies. We have used the information they have compiled to decide what we should prioritize in our own robot design. Scouts have also been in contact with a few teams, collaborating and working together to create the best robot possible.

Our annual fundraiser, an auction and spaghetti feed, is in a few weeks, on January 23. In preparation, our outreach and secretarial teams have contacted businesses regarding advertisement opportunities and donations. Tickets are on sale now. We are excited for this event, which has been very successful in the past!

Team SWAG's students and mentors have been working hard to prepare for the season. We are all looking forward to competition day!


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Reading this article made me recall the Robotics class I took back in my junior year. I really liked that class. It was fun and interesting. I always got to learn new things like assembling the robot and programming it to do certain movements. But that's probably just child's play compared to your robots.

01/31/2017 5:11am

Yet another cool story. Just tell me more.


This is awesome news for me that you have amazing plan for us like Team SWAG 4060's 2014 season! Early on Saturday morning will rock thanks for sharing this information with us.

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