There will be Parent Meeting and potluck on Tuesday Oct. 29th 2013 at 6:30
The meeting was previously scheduled on the 24th but had to be postponed;
we are deeply sorry for any inconvenience.
This meeting will be to discuss the following year and to appoint parents roles in
the team if they are interested. Students/Members should attend and bring food
for the potluck



09/13/2015 12:22pm

The importance of education has been recognized by international community and united nation’s right to education which is in progress since 1952. The united nation covenant on economic, social and cultural rights has given this right on global scale


Meeting parents in a school meeting is a good way to foster camaraderie. After all, all of us have one goal and that is providing our children with a good education to secure their future. That's why it is crucial that parents constantly monitor the progress of their children so they can make adjustments if their expectations are not met.

07/30/2016 2:07pm

Parent teacher meeting is very important in student life because we are not able to make our decisions in that age of life.

12/14/2016 11:17am

Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing
Nice review! I may have to check that out.

01/31/2017 5:11am

I'm gonna be earlier this day. Thanks for applying .



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