On November 22, Team SWAG 4060 opened the doors of W.F. West High School to FIRST teams from across the state. Team SWAG was proud to, for the first time in its history, host a FIRST Tech Challenge competition. The FIRST Tech Challenge, also called FTC, is a robotics competition for students in middle and high school. FTC offers students the challenge and fun of building a robot, but is less expensive than FRC, making it accessible to schools that could otherwise not afford to participate in FIRST competitions.

Members of Team SWAG were thrilled to be honored with the opportunity to host an FTC League Qualifier event at their own high school. After learning of this opportunity, team members spent weeks preparing for this exciting competition. Team SWAG mastered every aspect of FTC competition, from the rules of competition to the operation of the scoring system. With the help of community volunteers and FIRST officials, Team SWAG was able to successfully host a fun, exciting FTC competition!

SWAG 4060 loved having the opportunity to share their love for robotics with the smaller teams who attended the competition. Student members of Team SWAG served as mentors and assistants to teams who had issues with their robots. Student duties ranged from repairing faulty control connections to making adjustments to robots with illegal placement of hardware. This competition gave SWAG students an opportunity to become both teachers and collaborators, an experience that many members of the team enjoyed!

Next month, Team SWAG 4060 will host a second FTC League Qualifier event on December 6. This event will also be held at W.F. West High School, and any community members who are interested in learning more about FIRST are invited to attend! It's sure to be another thrilling event. Team SWAG members are excited to once again serve as teachers and mentors to FTC teams!