There are only two times of year: robotics competition season and preparing for robotics competition season! As Kickoff approaches (only 66 days away!), Team SWAG is busy preparing for success.

On October 18, sixteen team members forwent the homecoming dance. Instead, they attended Girls' Generation at Tahoma Junior High School. This exciting FRC event is all about empowering women in STEM fields. All 24 teams at the competition had all-female drive teams. SWAG's girls were front and center, responsible for driving, scouting, and strategizing. To prepare for this competition, the hardware team worked on improving the robot's speed and maneuverability. By the time of Girls' Generation, the girls had mastered the controls. The robot performed well, and the team had a great time at the competition!

The next weekend, on October 25, the STEM/Robotics Booster Club hosted a fundraising event. The team served a pancake breakfast to customers who came to support Team SWAG. The Booster Club had been preparing this event for weeks and was thrilled to raise over $1000! This money is going to go towards purchasing a new trailer for the team. This trailer will be used to transport the robot, pit supplies, and important spare parts. It will be a great asset for Team SWAG! More money is needed, however, so the team will continue its fundraising efforts.

An exciting new development is that Team SWAG has been given the honor of hosting two FTC competitions! These events will take place on November 22 and December 13. They will be held at either W.F. West High School or Chehalis Middle School. Team SWAG is thrilled to host these competitions. SWAG hopes that the FTC team members who attend these competitions will have a great experience and be inspired to further pursue their interests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.

Between these exciting events, work on designing a new, highly functional pit for use at competitions has been underway and the hardware team has made lots of progress on creating a tee-shirt cannon. Tomorrow, elections for team leadership positions will be held. Team SWAG is ready for another amazing FRC season!