There will be Parent Meeting and potluck on Tuesday Oct. 29th 2013 at 6:30
The meeting was previously scheduled on the 24th but had to be postponed;
we are deeply sorry for any inconvenience.
This meeting will be to discuss the following year and to appoint parents roles in
the team if they are interested. Students/Members should attend and bring food
for the potluck

To prepare for the competition, Jt Mundi adjusts the robot's shooter.
Our team has been busy preparing for this Saturday’s Girls Generation competition in Ravensdale, Washington. Our girls have been practicing driving the robot and aiming frisbees. The team has also been adjusting the drivetrain to improve its mobility. Last year, our robot was able to shoot 3-pointers. In preparation for this competition, we have made small changes to our shooter and have enhanced its accuracy. Our girls are excited and ready to shoot some frisbees!