Team SWAG had an amazing summer preparing for this year's season!

SWAG's second annual STEM Academy was a huge success. Students of Team SWAG taught over sixty kids design, building, programming, and problem-solving skills through a fun challenge. Participants were challenged to design, build, and program a boat to sail around obstacles. SWAG students served as mentors, teaching students the skills necessary to solve the difficult problem we had prepared for them.

To enrich camp participants' experience, the team organized a visit to the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle, where the maritime history and boat design information they learned inspired them. Team SWAG believes that STEM fields are crucial in all parts of life, and a visit to this museum showed camp participants how true this is. Camp participants also spent a day at Centralia College in workshops led by professors. By the end of the week, multiple participants had succeeded in completing the challenge and were inspired to join Team SWAG 4060. 

The team also hosted multiple community information sessions. SWAG had a booth at the Southwest Washington Fair, where students attracted lots of attention with a Rubik's Cube-solving robot they had designed. The team invited the Olympia Robotics Federation, FRC team 4450, to join us in an onstage demonstration. Team SWAG is always happy to meet up with ORF, a team we helped to start. Together, the teams showed fairgoers the teams' robots. The team was able to recruit multiple new members and sponsors for not only Team SWAG 4060 but also our middle school FTC team! 

After our great summer, the team is looking forward to another successful season. SWAG hopes to make a triumphant return to the World Championship in St. Louis! This year, the team is aiming to be the fastest robot on the field. Students have been testing out different drive train ideas, looking for speed and maneuverability. Other preparations our team is making for the season include developing a tee-shirt cannon. Creating this cannon will be not only a fun challenge for team members, but also useful at competitions, school assemblies, and other events! 

Team SWAG 4060 is excited to begin its fourth season as a team. St. Louis had better be ready for Team SWAG to return!