Team SWAG 4060 had an incredible time at this weekend's Pacific Northwest districts competition in Auburn. Almost every student who attended had the awesome opportunity to be part of the drive team, getting on the field and in the action. 

From the beginning, this competition was a success. On Friday, the team was given the honor of being named the team with the safest pit area. Additionally, the team's Safety Captain, Camren Richards, was named the tournament's Safety Star of the Day for his contributions to the tournament. He passed out safety kits to each team present at the competition and made sure that everyone was following safety precautions, ensuring that the tournament ran smoothly.

On the second day of the competition, Team SWAG was selected to join the top seeded alliance, joining Skunkworks 1983 and Issaquah Robotics Society 1318. Working together with their alliance members, Team SWAG was able to rise to the top. In one match, the team's alliance scored 220 points! The team was thrilled to be a part of such a successful alliance.

The team was even more excited when, in the third match of finals, SWAG, Skunkworks, and IRS were named champions! SWAG also won the prestigious Engineering Inspiration award, which the judges awarded to Team SWAG for its outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within the team's school and community. The team's many STEM-related programs, such as Olympic Elementary STEM Day, W.F. West STEM Summer Camp, CAD and SolidWorks classes, and programming education, contributed to the win.

This year has been amazing for W.F. West's Team SWAG 4060. Being part of such an excellent alliance was amazing, and the team is proud to be able to call themselves District Champions. The team looking forward to presenting on the Engineering Inspiration award next week at regionals in Portland! SWAG is incredibly grateful to the Chehalis Foundation and the Bezos Family Foundation for their continued support of the team. Spreading FIRST's message of celebrating science and technology remains the team's top priority, and SWAG hopes to continue shining its light throughout the community. Without the generosity of sponsors, parents, friends, and mentors, SWAG would not have been able to have the amazing, successful season it has enjoyed. 
Last weekend, W.F. West’s robotics team attended districts in Mount Vernon, WA. The team’s robot, driven by students Niko, Kyle, Dylan, and Jaiteg, performed incredibly. Maneuverability and height were used to give Team SWAG 4060 an advantage over competitors, making it the top defensive robot at the tournament.

Team SWAG made it to quarterfinals! It was a fun competition. The team is currently ranked 55th out of 150 FRC teams in the Pacific Northwest District. SWAG is in the running for district championships, where the top 64 teams from across the Pacific Northwest will compete. The students are excited for their next competition, which is March 27 through 29 in Auburn, WA.

You can follow Team SWAG 4060 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for live updates during each competition, and watch live streams of the matches online! None of this beats being at the tournament, though. From the hard-working drive team to the busy scouts, everyone had a great time. The students are all looking forward to Auburn!
Last weekend, Team SWAG 4060 went to our first competition of the season, and it was a blast! We competed in the districts competition at Auburn Mountainview High School.

We had lots of fun, and our robot was great! The drive team performed amazingly, and we were the top defensive robot at the competition. You can view videos of our matches on our new Youtube channel. We were picked by the eighth place team. Sadly, we didn't make it to regionals, but we're hoping that we will do even better at our next competition and be able to qualify.

On March 21 and 22, we will be attending a districts competition in Mount Vernon. If you would like to cheer on Team SWAG from home, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for live updates during each competition, and watch live streams of the playing field online! None of this beats being at the tournament, though. From our hard-working pit crew to our busy scouting team, everyone had a great time. We're all looking forward to Mount Vernon!