As Stop Build Day rapidly approaches, Team SWAG 4060 is busy preparing for another great season!

Our scouting strategy has been established. A team of scouting leaders has drafted match and pit scouting sheets. Members of the scouting team are learning about the ins and out of our robot's parts and strategy, ensuring that the team will be able to effectively strategize with alliance members. SWAG hopes to create a thorough database of team information which we will be able draw on when picking alliance members for the final rounds of competition.

Today, the team received a new Leapfrog Xeed 3D printer. This wireless printer is one of the best 3D printers around. It offers professional, high quality printing. We are incredibly grateful to the Chehalis Foundation for donating this incredibly advanced piece of technology, which is valued at nearly $10,000. We are excited to use this 3D printer to create parts and prototypes of our robot.

In other news, the team's third annual spaghetti feed and silent auction event was a success. We would like to thank everyone who supported Team SWAG! We are also very appreciative of all of the parents and members who have brought food to fuel our team during our long days working in the robotics room. 

We're looking forward competition season. The team is ready to return to St. Louis!